Enrolment Rules

  1. Parents/Guardian can obtain enrolment forms by contacting the enrolment officer/school or by downloading (PDF) and printing the form (also available as MS Word DOC file)
  2. The enrolment officer upon receipt of completed applications endorses each enrolment form with a unique, sequential enrolment number. If more than one form is received on the same day, they are ordered by post date on the envelope. If the post date is the same, they are put in alphabetical order. Online forms are ordered by the time they are submitted and are prioritised after any postal forms for that day.
  3. Each child will be placed on the list according to the enrolment number. If parents have twins/triplets, the children will be put on the list one after the other.
  4. Junior infants are entitled to start in the school if they are 4 on or before 1st June in the year they are due to start school. Parents can choose to enrol their child for that year or for the following year when he/she would be 5.
  5. Class lists will be kept for each year. Children will be ranked in enrolment number order on these lists e.g Junior Infants – 6th Class.
  6. No guarantees of places are given or implied by enrolment.
  7. Children will be offered places strictly following the ranking of the enrolment numbers on the enrolment list. Places will be allocated on a ‘first come – first served’ basis on a per class basis.
  8. Parents must respond in writing to confirm an offered place for their child within 14 days of that offer being made. Failure to respond within 14 days will result in their child’s place on the enrolment list being forfeited.
  9. Parents enrolling Junior Infants may defer the child’s place for one year, providing the child will be under 6 by 1st September of the year that he/she starts school. This means that the child will be placed on the list for the following year according to the original enrolment number. This does not guarantee an offer of a place as places will be allocated strictly following the ranking of the enrolment numbers on the enrolment list.
  10. Junior infants, who have taken up an offer in the school, and defer after the school year has started, will be treated as if the deferral had taken place before actual enrolment. Junior infants’ actual enrolment may be deferred for a maximum of one year. Placement order in following year’s enrolment list will be in accordance with original enrolment number (i.e. as if they had originally enrolled for the deferred year).
  11. Where there is excess demand for school places, and a child is not offered a place, the parent should speak to the school regarding enrolling the child for the following year. It is important to note that this does not happen automatically.
  12. If a child leaves during the school year, his/her place may be back-filled. The place may be offered to the next person on the list for the same class. If there is no child on the list for the same class who wishes to take up the offer, the place may be offered to a child on the list for a different class. This will be decided in conjunction with the Principal and the Board of Management.
  13. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to inform the Pre Enrolment Officer promptly of any change of address, telephone number or other relevant circumstances.

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