Our pumpkins

We harvested our pumpkins for Halloween.  We planted a variety called Crown Prince, they are blue pumpkins with a lovely orange inside.  They were “squishy, disgusting, juicy and smelly” on the inside.

Autumn harvesting

Our sunflowers were gigantic when we came back to school in September.  They inspired us to create our own works of art.   We looked at some of Andy Goldsworthy’s photographs, he uses objects from nature to create art.  We used leaves, seeds, cones, beans, flowers and apples.

From Farm to Fork

Second last day of term was a very special day for us.  In early March we chitted some potatoes, then just before St. Patrick’s Day we planted 12 of them in the garden.  Today was the exciting day we got to dig them up, and most importantly… eat them!  Our friends Sally and Nicky from Read More …