Busy Red Hens

October was a busy month in aistear.  We read and acted out the story of the Little Red Hen.

2087-08-19 14.36.05-136   2087-08-19 14.36.05-147

We played with the farm set and created our own small world story.

2087-08-19 14.36.05-137 2087-08-19 14.36.05-139

We learned about procedural writing.  We read the recipe for making bread, checked our ingredients and then baked bread in school, yum yum.

2087-08-19 14.36.05-141  2087-08-19 14.36.05-140

We loved eating the bread and you’ll be delighted to hear that we finished the clean up first!

2087-08-19 14.36.05-142  2087-08-19 14.36.05-135