The Farm

For our school tour we went to Sallyfort farm in Stradbally.  We spent the week before learning all about life on a farm.  Here we are making papier mache farm animals, driving our tractor to cut silage and bringing the cows in for milking.

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We also looked at how to keep safe on a farm.  Remember animals, machinery, climbing and water and slurry can all be very dangerous.

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Sallyfort Farm is in a stunning setting with beautiful views of the Comeragh mountains.100_2708

Our first port of call was to the milking parlour.  We saw them milk Daisy the cow.  The milk was given to some calves.  We each had a go at feeding a lamb with a bottle of milk.

100_2696100_2698100_2699 100_2701

Next we got to meet and feed lots of farm animals – sheep, hens, ducks, geese, donkeys, ponies, horses, deer and goats.  One of the goats ate barley out of our hands.  Our favourite animal was Ralph the Shetland Pony.

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It was so nice there, we nearly wanted to turn into animals ourselves!  100_2726

We had a bumpy ride in a trailer pulled by a tractor.  We sang some funny farm songs and ran through the grass in a really big field.


Finally we had a ride in a fire engine and heard the nee-naw siren go off.


What a great day.  We were all exhausted.  Many thanks to the kind people at Sallyfort Farm who gave us such a fun day out.