Senior Infants booklist 2018-2019

Tramore Educate Together National School

Senior Infant Booklist 2018-2019


Please purchase the following:

Figure it Out Senior Infants              (CJ Fallon)

Just Handwriting Senior Infants      (

3 x 15A Project Copy (Blank top half, lined bottom half)

2 x Blank Copy 40 Pages

1 x A4 Plastic Folder


Please label the front cover of all your child’s books and copies.

All pencils and colours are provided in school.


Arts, stationery and additional money to be paid to school

Pupil Personal 24-hour Insurance                                                              €  6.00

Book Rental Scheme:

(Includes graded readers and supplementary readers)                           € 10.00

Photocopying                                                                                                € 15.00

Arts & Crafts Materials

(includes pencils, colouring pencils and notebooks)                                € 20.00

Membership of Educate Together                                                               € 15.00


            Total Cost                                                                                                          € 66.00

Please bring this to school in September in an envelope with your child’s name clearly written on it.