Proclamation Day March 15th

In preparation for Proclamation Day we interviewed our parents, grandparents and  great-grandparents about their time in school.  This helped us to understand the changing times and times really have changed!  We spent a week learning about museums and setting up our own history museum.  We also traced our ancestors back, we are a diverse group.

Our ancestors lived in...

Our ancestors lived in…

We celebrated Proclamation Day by raising our flag at 12 noon and reading our own proclamation.  Later our parents visited the school to enjoy our concert, visit the history museum and sample our soda bread.  Thank you to all for your contributions to the museum, it was fantastic.

Testing the ink.

Testing the ink.


The penmanship!










2007-01-08 13.35.42

Pinball – better than minecraft!

Some household items.

Some household items.












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IMG_0490  2007-01-08 13.43.33