From Tramore to Lismore

It was time for our annual school trip.  This year we went to Lismore Discovery centre in the beautiful castle village of Lismore.  First port of call was the puppet making centre.


Then we headed into the Science room, and under the watchful eye of Robert Boyle, carried out a few scientific experiments.



Next we headed to the park for lunch and had a few minutes in the playground.

DSC_0856Back to the bus, and down the road to the woodlands of Lismore, where we went on the Towers Walk.  We re-enacted the story of the Follies and walked in the steps of the tenant farmers.


DSC_0860We counted the trees that were planted along the driveway, and learned how the rhododendron has taken over in the woods.  We saw oak trees that house squirrels, and we were scared by a ghost tree.            


It was fun to play in and out of the old buildings in the woods.

DSC_0853 DSC_0852

Thanks Vanessa and everyone in Lismore Discovery Centre for a very interesting and fun tour.  Back on the bus where most of us fell asleep after such an exciting day.